Rekeying Service

Rekeying Service

Has your lock at home worn out due to many years of usage? Are you worried that someone may have unauthorized access to your property keys? There’s no need to panic! The solution to your problem is as simple as rekeying.

Rekeying is a locksmith service that enables you to change the pin of your existing lock without dismantling it altogether. With rekeying, you will also get a new set of keys, which means anyone who has access to your old keys will not be able to use them. At LockTech Locksmiths, rekeying is one of our most popular services that our residential and commercial clients avail for the safety of their properties and their families.

24/7 Rekeying Service in Melbourne You Can Trust

Whether you are moving into a house in Melbourne, leasing a commercial space that has been used by another business owner before, or have changed cleaning companies, getting the locks rekeyed is an excellent move to ensure your safety and protection. With LockTech Locksmiths, you can put your worries behind and skip spending a lot of money on expensive lock replacements. With our 24/7 safe and reliable rekeying service, you will have an affordable and more convenient alternative to changing your locks.

Our team of skilled and experienced Melbourne locksmiths can rekey various types of locks in a fast and prompt manner. With over 15 years of locksmith experience, you can be sure that your safety is in good hands. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so in case of emergency rekeying, we’ll be there in your location in as fast as 15 minutes!

Our Professional Rekeying Services

No need to spend so much on lock replacement and installation. We offer the following rekeying services across all of Melbourne:

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