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As soon as you let go of your car door to slam it shut, you realized something that gave you a mini heart attack—you left your car keys inside! You wish you could have been more attentive but now you’re drawn to a standstill, stuck outside your car. What next? Give LockTech Locksmiths a call and we’ll be right on our way to help you out.

Getting locked out of the car, losing car keys, and a broken key stuck inside the ignition are car problems more common than you think. With our extensive experience and knowledge in locksmithing, we can solve anything involving automotive keys, locks, and security systems.

Our services aren’t limited to cars with keyed entries either. We have trained, licenses professionals on our team to handle automotive of all sizes and models including those with push-button and keyless entries.

24/7 Professional Automotive Locksmith in Melbourne You Can Trust

Locktech, as a local business, started as a small locksmith company specializing in residential and commercial locksmith services. As we grew in the industry, we realized that our customers’ locksmith needs to go beyond those two areas. Now, we offer comprehensive locksmith solutions 24/7 any time of the year at super affordable rates.

Automotive locksmith is a strong suit of ours—we can handle anything, big or small. With our solid 15-year background in locksmithing, we have mastered extracting broken keys, duplicate keys, or cutting new ones, unjamming doors, solving cases of lockouts, and so much more.

We stand by our principle to always be at your service, whatever time of the day it may be. We offer emergency locksmith services where within minutes after you book our team, we will arrive at your location to solve your problem. A free quotation is provided as well as we are committed to a transparent transaction between our customers.

All our locksmith jobs come with a 12-month guarantee.

Our Automotive Locksmith Services in Melbourne

Get back on the road in no time with our specialized automotive locksmith services. Here is a list of the common automotive locksmith requests we cater to:

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LockTech Locksmiths is the only locksmith service in Melbourne that will never let you down! We’ll come rushing to your side in our fully equipped mobile unit wherever you need help in the city. Next time you got a car problem, you know who to call—LockTech Locksmiths!